About Us

Collaborative Data Solutions, Inc. or CDS (the “Corporation”) is an Arizona corporation founded by a small group of individuals with more than 70 years of combined information technology experience who believe they can add value to human collaboration.


The Corporation’s core business is to provide sophisticated knowledge management software to our customers as a service via the internet at a price point heretofore not available.  CollabCenter is the brand name of our SaaS (cloud) offering built upon the Vignette Business Collaboration Server.


It is our passion to serve you, as steward of your assets, to leverage the intellectual property that powers your business. We work hard to provide an experience for your employees, teams, partners, customers and user groups in which knowledge becomes a significant tool for the short and long term strength of the business.  


Because of our unique dual customer/partner business relationship with both Rackspace and Vignette, we can offer many hosted (cloud) solutions including CollabCenter in multiple configurations to our customers so they can capture and then continue to leverage their intellectual property in the course of collaborating securely in their communities.


We have combined Rackspace, the world's leader in hosting with Vignettethe world's leader in enterprise content management software, to provide you with world class service at a low monthly cost.


CollabCenter will transform your business by capturing, cataloguing and protecting your intellectual property while providing you and the members of your community instant contextual recall from any internet accessible location.


Collaborative Data Solutions, Inc.
4747 E. Elliot Road, Suite 29-490
Phoenix, AZ 85044
(602) 549-9950


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