Software Services Packages

  Individual Group Enterprise
Monthly Fee $35-$50 per user $50-$75 per user $50-$100 per user
Setup Fee none $10K (estimate) $15K (estimate)

CollabCenter™ 101

CollabCenter™  101

CollabCenter™ 101

Support² Help Desk Help Desk Help Desk
Professional Services³ optional Required Required
CollabCenter Checkup4 none included included
Collaborative Workspaces5 included included included
E-mail Integration6 included included included
Enterprise Web 2.0 Applications7 included included included
Subscriptions and Notifications8 included included included
Integrated Search9 included included included
Cross-browser Support10 included included included
Document & Library Mgmnt11 included included included
Advanced Project Management12 none included included
Department Workspaces13 none included included
Customer Workspaces14 none none included
Custom Workflow Automation15 none none included

1 CollabCenter ™ 101: This course is delivered in either a 2 or 5 hour format. The course includes an interactive final exam and many hands on exercises. The course is designed for first time users or can be delivered as a refresher. CollabCenter™ 101 includes topics such as; Orientation and Navigation, Managing Content, Adding Value, Searching and Staying informed. CDS also offers CollabCenter 102 which is designed for the local administrators and includes topics such as; Security Policies, Users & Groups and Adding Workspaces.

2 Support: See support agreement for details.

Professional Services: CDS offers highly skilled experienced Knowledge Management professionals. These professionals are made available through five professional services packages (see Professional Services Packages table). Group and Enterprise implementations require the CDS CollabCenter Initial Startup professional services package (PSIS).

CollabCenter™  Checkup: Beginning in the 4th month after the initial “live date” CDS will perform a quarterly (8 hour) checkup on the CollabCenter  adoption for the customer. This will include a survey of users, onsite refresher training (CollabCenter 101) and recommendations for continued improvement.

Collaborative Workspaces: Supports user generated branded tailored workspaces that feature threaded discussions, blogs, wikis, calendars, task folders and cross-workspace dashboards, as well as robust security and access controls with delegated management to workspace members.

E-mail integration: Makes collaboration even more available and more accessible by leveraging e-mail clients. This allows users to fully participate in rich collaborative business processes using a tool they know and use regularly.

Enterprise Web 2.0 applications: Provides easy-to-use channels for organization-wide knowledge capture and management, with support for popular Web 2.0 applications and interaction models like blogs, wikis and discussions. CollabCenter supports deployment of such Web2.0 functions as comments, ratings, reviews and tagging to any piece of CollabCenter content or document in support of community-generated metrics regarding content value and relevance.

Subscriptons & Notifications: CollabCenter includes a subscription feature that informs user of changes to any topic of their choice. This automates the way they receive information (e-mail subscriptions and notifications or RSS feeds) and helps reduce the time they spend searching for content.

Integrated Search: The product combines full-text search and relational query capabilities, stores and presents search results in the right business context, and utilizes automated knowledge discovery agents. All of these help users leverage organizational knowledge to complete work faster and easier.

Cross Browser Support: Supports the majority of today’s popular browsers, including Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Document and Library Management: Includes core services that allow business users to easily collaborate on multiple document versions. Lets users establish retention policies to help keep content up to date and auditing policies to monitor changes to documents. Users can check in and check out document versions through a Web client or via e-mail.

Advanced Project Management: CDS will support advanced project management workspace features including custom status reports tailored to your specific needs. The CDS professional services engagement (PSPM) is required to enable this feature.

Department Workspaces: CDS will support individual workspaces for each of your internal departments. The CDS professional services engagement (PSDW) is required to enable this feature.

Customer Workspaces: CDS will support individual co-branded workspaces for each of your customers. The CDS professional services engagement (PSCW) is required to enable this feature.

Custom Workflow Automation: CDS will support custom automated workflows that may include customer, departments and external system interface development. The CDS professional services engagement (PSWA) is required to enable this feature.

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